GenZ™  is an innovative publisher for talented authors to have their work seen, recognized, and read by a large audience. Unlike most publishers who only publish established writers or those with a literary agent, we publish based on the author’s talent and their book’s content. GenZ™ makes dreams come true.

“I find this refreshing to be able to talk with authors and other like minds. Self-publishing you are just trying to write, but you aren’t on the level where you can talk with like minds. With GenZ there is a talent that has potential and are driven. We are in our own little world; it is great camaraderie. We aren’t in competition. We need to support each other. I find that with GenZ, and it is very uplifting.” -Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr.

 We are on a mission to improve the world one word at a time. That is why we are the place for voices to be heard in a way not previously done in print and on digital media.

It can be nearly impossible for writers with promising talent to produce standout work that will be recognized, because of the state of the publishing and digital media industries. Being published is difficult without an agent or the establishment that comes with age. Having work recognized in a sea of so many writers is even tougher.


That is why there is an underrepresentation of new and innovative voices in the publishing  world. There are many unheard voices. We are ready to change that.

There are so many writers who are full of innovative ideas that deserve to be shared with a large audience. GenZ™  provides a platform where these people can be positively recognized for their work through a professional product and supportive company. Our authors say that GenZ has become more of a family.

Our books are available on Amazon, Barnes  & Noble, through our catalog, and more. We attend book fairs, festivals, and readings often.

The Inspiration for GenZ Publishing by Founder Morissa Schwartz

“I self-published my first book in high school and had a book published by a national publishing company in college that went on to be a ‘bestseller.’ When others hear this, many ask the same questions: How did you do it, and how can I publish too? The truth is, it is very tough to get published, especially for young people looking to have their writing taken seriously.

Being published has been an amazing experience for me that has opened many doors, and I want to allow other young people to have the same experience to share their words with the world. That is why I started GenZ Publishing. We are an innovative technology-based publisher focusing on releasing works by new generation writers.”

~Morissa Schwartz


From GenZ Published Author of A Poet and his Errant Pen, Adrian DeBarros

“My publisher has treated me like a million bucks in continual royalties.  I love my publisher, GenZ, well for one, they believed in me and for another, Morissa Schwartz – wholly cow, I thought I had my fingers in a lot of projects, she has her fingers and toes dipped in inspirational projects, as well as bringing more talented authors to the GenZ family!  She believes in each and every one of us, she is in constant motion, just look at her instagram feed or twitter feed, she’s feeding the world inspiration daily like the world is inspirationally malnourished.


Morissa Schwartz continues to be a huge motivational figure in my life and others around the world.  I wanted to take my time out and tell the world, the hard and inspirational work she does behind the scenes.  I also wanted to keep this post short so you can check out her out and all her awesomeness including the team at GenZ publishing.  I am forever grateful to have met her friendly, inspirational soul and fierce determination.


Moreover, what publisher do you know of who places their authors’ faces on a t-shirt?


This is my simple gratitude post about my publisher GenZ.  Now please go check out how they’re changing the world as a publisher.


Self-Publishing VS Publishing with a Publisher (a la GenZ)

By: Morissa Schwartz

There is a war going on, and it involves clashing publishing forms: self-publishing versus publishers. I have published books both ways, and in my experience, there is a clear winner. Before revealing that winner, let me break down each process.

I self-published my first book in high school. All expenses were my own, but all profits (often not the case) were also my own. I hired someone to format the book on a freelancing website and worked many hours perfecting that book. Once it was time to publish, that was on me too. I published through CreateSpace, and the process was tough navigating through all the parameters to successfully publish a book from figuring out proper formatting for book size to eBook conversion. After that, I had to promote and market my book. I was so excited that I was finally a published author, only….it felt like no one else saw it that way. Being self-published gave me no notoriety. I remember how embarrassed I was when I called a bookstore hoping to do a reading and they said that self-published authors were not allowed to do readings at their shop. Every other bookstore I contacted said the same thing. But it wasn’t just the shops who did not take my self-published work seriously. People had the attitude that it was “cute” that I published my own book at such a young age, but none went “wow.” Not to mention my profits or lack thereof. Being my own publisher meant that I had few resources to promote my book, which meant fewer sales for me. That is why when I wrote my next book, I knew it needed to be published with a publisher.

Finding a publisher is not an easy task, but I was fortunate enough to be signed by VIP Ink Publishing, a mid-sized publisher out of Louisiana. The week after I was signed, I was asked what I wanted my cover to look like, and then VIP created that cover. A short while after later, I was sent my files after they were carefully edited and formatted. Following that, I received my proof in the mail. The process was already better than self-publishing. I did not have to worry about how to hire someone to format my book or how to edit it properly. VIP did that for me. The best part was when I told people that my book was being published by VIP, I got the ‘wow.’ Book shops approached me about having signings there. While of course there are profits to share with VIP and expenses that had to be recouped, I and my book are in much better shape than they were when I self-published. I have less worries and more notoriety.

That is why I started GenZ Publishing. I was fortunate to have VIP publish my book, but there are too few companies out there that publish authors like myself. You pave the way for the future with the pride of having someone else believe enough in your work to publish it.

The main criticism that GenZ gets is that we recoup a portion of expenses from authors’ royalties. Those writers would have to pay every cent out of pocket if they were self-publishing while not getting the recognition or having the reach that we have. Another criticism we get is that we require our authors to purchase author copies of their books, but this is for the simple fact that we want them to do those bookstore readings that I didn’t get to do. I want them to walk into a university or bookshop with their copies in hand and sign them for readers, so that they can get the amazing pride that comes with being a published author. So to answer the above question: publishing wins out over self-publishing in every way possible. Nothing beats a reader approaching you after a reading and stating how much you inspire them.

Being published by a publisher, even if there are not great profits for the author, paves the way for future opportunities. Young people and new writers do not seem to command the respect that many deserve for their writing unless they are published by someone other than themselves. Anyone can self-publish anything, no matter how grammatically incorrect, poorly formatted, or weak their content is. A first grader can self-publish their spelling test, but a publishing company wants to be successful and makes sure that each book is something that the world would like to read.


About GenZ Founder, ‘The Voice of Generation Z,’ Morissa Schwartz

As The Voice of Generation Z, Morissa advocates for the new generation through hosting the GenZ Podcast, her writing, and her publishing company: GenZ Publishing. 

A literary prodigy, Morissa had her first national article published in Discovery Girls Magazine at age 12, landed her first job as an adviser to Junior Scholastic Magazine at age 13, had her first book published at age 17, earned the position of top-rated editor on Fiverr by the time she graduated high noptesschool, gained dozens of writing and editing credits through college,  and won the prestigious Chapman Award in poetry twice by the time she graduated from Drew University.  Her creative non-fiction book, Notes Never Sent, was published by VIP Ink Publishing. It was ranked in Amazon’s Top 200 Books in the school-age children category.

Morissa began GenZ Publishing after many peers asked her how to publish a book following her success in the industry. She recognized the need for a publisher that focuses on releasing the works of young and innovative writers. This is how GenZ Publishing was conceived.

Learn more about Morissa and her work at

Our Foundation

There is self-publishing, which can be difficult to produce and get noticed. Self-publishing requires resources and experience that most young people do not have the access to secure. Self-publishing also has an ugly stigma attached to it by many that may not provide the best example of a talented writer’s work value.

Then, there is the traditional publisher route, but it is nearly impossible to be published without being established and having an agent. Even with that, publishers receive thousands of manuscripts per week and only dozens are published. Those who are lucky enough to be published, lack creative control and are subject to the publishers’ every vision.

We are not a self-publisher or traditional publisher. We help our authors to shape their work while they retain creative control. When it is published, it will be available as print books and ebooks, perfect for sharing with readers and fans. It is an accomplishment to be forever proud of. How many new writers can actually say they were published and have the professional book to prove it? We provide talented writers with that chance and give them the exposure that they need to be successful at life and shape the future.

Building a portfolio can be difficult for writers and artists. Getting a job is even tougher. It is most trying on the young people who are just getting into writing, journalism, and the workforce. Whether these young people are applying to college, grad school, or a job, having a standout sample of their work is necessary. When an author is published on GenZ™ , they can use that experience in their portfolios, for résumés, to share with friends, family, and fans, and as an accomplishment to be proud of for the rest of their lives.