Take Control in the Digital Age by Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur

By Sarah Pila
May 30, 2018

Aberdeen, NJ–Rising digital technology now allows small businesses to thrive on a national and global scale like never before. But how does one get off the ground successfully and safely? Morissa Schwartz, bestselling author, digital entrepreneur, and media personality, provides insights into her business success with her new informational book Be a Digital Entrepreneur Today. As an extension of her company, Schwartz provides a necessary look into the ever-changing digital world and assists in bringing your innovative dreams to life. The book highlights how to run a digital platform and appeal to a new, diverse brand of customer virtually. Be a Digital Entrepreneur Today encourages all business owners to take their first steps into the digital age with confidence.

After publishing her first novel at the age of 17, Schwartz has actively set herself apart from those who simply want to succeed. Schwartz’ various business experiences allow her to nurture the growing talent of many Generation Z writers and young business owners. She is the owner of GenZ Publishing, a thriving publishing company that has published the work of rising authors. She actively works with entrepreneurs and advocates for those creating an identity for themselves.

This book is available for Kindle to pre-order for its release on June 1st, 2018.




GenZ Publishing is an innovative publishing house for print and digital media, bringing a new model to the literature world. In the last two years, GenZ has published more than six bestsellers and is proud to maintain its status of being the fastest growing company in the book publishing industry. The company offers new and emerging writers the opportunity get discovered and launch their publications without the hardship and prejudices that usually comes in this creative field. GenZ supports the voices of all generations from millennials to baby boomers to, of course, Generation Z and promotes industry change on through their high quantity of production of published writings. GenZ Publishing books are available in places such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Ingram catalogue, as well as on their online bookstore. They’re proud to have their books read and beloved on the bookshelves of thousands of people around the world.

To learn more please visit their website: https://www.genzpublishing.org/designupdates/

Find Be a Digital Entrepreneur on Twitter @BADET and find out more information about Morissa Schwartz at https://morissaschwartz.com/.




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