Interview with W. Bradley Phares

This interview highlights the author W. Bradley Phares whose unique voice is brought to life in Celtic Cowhunter - Florida's...
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Interview with Bri Marino, author of Somewhere Only We Know

Bri Marino is the author of Somewhere Only We Know. Bri obtained a B.A. in English with a concentration in...
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Introducing an Astounding YA Author

Genz Publishing is ecstatic to release Allison Stowe’s captivating YA novel. Infamous is an exhilarating story of misfortune, mystery, and...
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New Releases

Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman is an author and poet who breathes life into truth. Through his involvement with an international organization committed...
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March 14, 2017

Listen to Morissa on the Enterprising Young Females Podcast with Sylvia Scott

Hear the wonderful interview and enjoy Morissa’s advice here. 
March 13, 2017

What happens in the publishing process?

One of GenZ’s most awesome interns, Kelly, asked me a great question today: “How does the publishing process go?” For anyone else curious about how all […]
March 7, 2017

We asked, “Why Do You Read?”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our video. In other news…We have new releases aplenty on, including Justin Fulkerson’s follow-up to An Hour for […]
March 1, 2017

Fiction Writing Tips: Characters Your Reader Will Care About

By Chelsey Schallig  What makes readers keep reading and stay invested in your characters? Make Your Readers CARE about Your Characters When a book doesn’t hold my […]
February 21, 2017

New GenZ Podcast Episode

On today’s podcast, Morissa Schwartz interviews author, Scott Laudati. They discuss writing, music, New Jersey, and pop culture. Find Scott’s book here:…rds=scott+laudati Listen on iTunes.