Jason Iannone

Jason Iannone Jason has written and edited for dozens of websites, including and, since 2010. His debut book...
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Nicholas Chimera

Nicholas Chimera Born June 28th, 2001, Nicholas Chimera has always had an enthusiasm to create. For years he focused his...
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Ronald MacCloskey

Ron MacCloskey A graduate of Westfield High School in 1973, Ron MacCloskey has made a name for himself as a...
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Joanne Cherefko

Joanne Cherefko Originally a expressionist poet, Joanne Cherefko began writing at a young age after a personal lost. Her most...
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June 21, 2018

8 Great Quotes about Art, Love, and Life

In The Smoke in His Eyes, author Shane Wilson tackles some pretty heavy topics. Between the covers of his book, you can find many words of wisdom […]
June 20, 2018

How to Write an Epic: Advice from Meiling Colorado

I think one of the most difficult novels to write is the epic. Usually an epic is long, following our characters (who tend to be a […]
June 19, 2018

How not to respond to query feedback

If you query GenZ Publishing, there are a few different responses you can get from us: yes, no, or a conditional maybe. This last category usually […]
June 18, 2018

How to Start Editing

So you did it! You wrote, drank coffee, and wrote some more. You have a complete first draft. But now, you’re absolutely exhausted, and the last […]
May 31, 2018

12 Ways to Make the Most out of Camp NANOWRIMO

By Kelly Hartwick Camp NaNoWriMo for April just wrapped up, and if you’re like me, you were too busy to participate. But, don’t fret! We’re nearly […]