Children’s Book Tackles Adapting to An Ostomy

Aberdeen, NJ, February 26th, 2021— Joining the list of GenZ Publishing’s debut authors, Campbell Dwyer is set to release her children’s book, My Silly Illy, on March 15th, 2021. With warm, colorful, and inviting illustrations by Ana-Maria Cosma, this twenty-three-page book highlights of positives of having an Ostomy, affectionately called Illy, and explains that having an “Illy” does not have to hold anyone back in life. For children who have recently undergone surgery, be it for colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, Dwyer’s book helps to make their experience a bit less frightening and a bit more fun— for children and parents alike!

Campbell Dwyer is a North Carolina native who now calls Pennsylvania home along with Quincy, her four-legged sidekick. The two of them love taking part in the states beautiful nature walks and travel as often as possible! When writing My Silly Illy, Dwyer used her own experience with having an Ostomy to give children the right type of support and encouragement. By four-years-old, Dwyer had already gone through three major, open abdominal surgeries and would experience many more through-out her life, but they never managed to slow her down! It was after her tenth surgery that Dwyer felt compelled to speak up regarding this often quieted disease, providing the reassurance she would have loved to hear; there is nothing to be ashamed of, and there is nothing holding you back! As her book proudly proclaims, “It takes guts for anyone to face life’s adventures, but with the support of an ostomy, we can conquer anything!”

My Silly Illy will be available on Kindle, Amazon, and Barns and Nobles.

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