poemsOctober 2, 2020, Morganville, NJ— Written by esteemed author Daniel J Flore III, Pink Marigold Rays poems will teleport you to a place of warmth, romance, and spirituality.

A collection of poems that speaks to the true heart of summer. A mix of spirituality and sensuality that focuses on inner thoughts through imagery. From its chaotic beginning in “Cruise Around the World” to its calamitous ending with “Petitions Made Known,” Pink Marigold Rays brings together sorrow, prayer, fear, sex, and sunshine. This collection will make you evaluate your perception of the world around you. Each poem was written with a different mood in mind, and the poetry collection is perfect for any readers who want to be transported into a world like no other.

Flore III took his inspiration from summer and wanted to convey his message through poetry. He explains his idea by saying, “Summer is always there, no matter what the temperature is outside, or how cold people may seem. It’s always there, telling us about fun.” Fun is indeed what you should expect from this incredible collection of poetry.

 Daniel J. Flore is the author of several poetry collections both online and in print. He has read his poetry throughout Pennsylvania and teaches the writing of poetry as a recovery tool to those coping with mental illness. He was awarded the Florence Kerrigen memorial scholarship to the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference.poems


Pink Marigold Rays will be available on Kindle and Amazon on October 8th, 2020. 


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 By Maggie Ovington, 2020 

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