Aberdeen, NJ, February 20, 2018 — My Collective Soul is a book about one woman’s journey to empowerment by Anne Dennish that is a superfood for our souls. The book reveals how the author found her inner strength through surviving breast cancer, divorce, and an abusive relationship. In it, Dennish teaches us her wisdom on how to move forward from trauma and make the most of life.

After readers connected with Anne Dennish’s life story in her first book Waking Up, we’re proud to announce the launch of its follow-up, My Collective Soul, which is being released by GenZ Publishing February 24, 2018. This self-help book is meant to be a healing and inspirational tool to change the lives of its readers. A collection of difficult and traumatic life experiences led the author to a powerful self discovery journey that awakened her; by infusing her writing with deeply personal stories, Dennish shares how to truly live happily. She offers readers messages of wisdom inspired by her spirituality and the power and force that she’s found from her own intuition. This is a book that every person can relate to; it covers a diversity of topics such as love, heartbreak, sexuality, loss, family, relationships, spirituality, self-confidence and more.

Anne Dennish is a single mother and breast cancer survivor that dedicates her life to creative writing, journalism, and motivational speaking. She mentors other women and their families who are battling with the oncological disease in the Jersey Shore, U.S.

This book is available for Kindle pre-order now and will be released in paperback format on February 24, 2018.


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