Genz Publishing is thrilled to be releasing Pam Canington’s new travelogue memoir this summer. This exciting compilation of personal recollections of exploration and expeditions from around the globe is now available for Kindle pre-order on Amazon. Ebook editions of this fascinating memoir will release on August 18, 2017.

Canington’s writing will take you on a riveting journey, exploring the ancient lands of Europe and various U.S. cities, and setting sail on voyages at sea to traverse the wet unknown. This memoir will send you on an adventure without the airfare, but it may just prompt you to start planning your own journey. Pre-order your copy today.

You can reserve your pre-orders of I Went, I Saw, I Shared, here.

About Pam Canington

Pam Canington lives in Illinois, where she is a wife and mother of two grown children. Pam has been a legal secretary for almost thirty years, and part of her enthusiasm for writing stems from typing lengthy court pleadings every day. Pam has written travelogues for almost every vacation or trip she’s been on, whether with family or just friends.  Not only does it give her pleasure to share her experiences with others, but it helps remind her of places and activities she tends to forget about.


About GenZ Publishing

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