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Conscious poetry book to help understand the truth & the universe


Spirals, a conscious poetry book for truth seekers and unicorns:


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Cover of the poetry book Spirals, released this month.

Aberdeen, NJ, February 12, 2018 In a world where “fake news” seems to be our everyday entertainment, Spirals promises to entice us  with a different truthful narrative as a conscious poetry book, for all those truth seekers and unicorns out there. Spirals is a book of poetry to be released on March 4, 2018 by Genz Publishing that will have your mind spinning. The book, by George Buccheri, reveals and analyzes consciously the truth of our universe and the secrets of our reality. The poetry collection explores key topics such as love, acceptance, personal values, and the type of self-growth that supports our journeys in the right direction. This thoughtful poetry book will prove to you once more that we are not living in a post-poetry world.


George Buccheri is a proud 90’s kid putting millennials on high bookshelves with his first poetry book, Spirals.  The jerseyite unicorn truth seeker writer released his original album titled “Young” and from that has cultivated a proud group of fans and collaborators on his Instagram, @theyounggeorge.  Besides being a creative poetry writer and musician, he is an innovative entrepreneur. With his specialty shop, Open Minded, George helps expose and feature the original, truthful and different artwork from local artists in Freehold, New Jersey.


This poetry book is available for Kindle to pre-order and will be released in paperback format on March 4, 2018.



GenZ Publishing is an innovative publishing house for print and digital media, bringing a new model to the literature world. In the last two years, GenZ has published more than six bestsellers and is proud to maintain its status of being the fastest growing company in the book publishing industry. The company offers new and emerging writers the opportunity get discovered and launch their publications without the hardship and prejudices that usually comes in this creative field. GenZ supports the voices of all generations from millennials to baby boomers to, of course, Generation Z and promotes industry change on through their high quantity of production of published writings. GenZ Publishing books are available in places such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Ingram catalogue, as well as on their online bookstore. They’re proud to have their books read and beloved on the bookshelves of thousands of people around the world.


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