Nurse Papa

Nurse Papa is David Metzger.

David has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at UCSF Children’s Hospital for thirteen years now. The bravery, laughter, perseverance, and the many smiles of the children and their parents who he has worked with have inspired this book.

David is also the host and creator behind Nurse Papa the podcast. In each episode, he takes a deep dive into a story of parenthood and comes out on the other side with a better understanding of what makes kids AND their parents tick. In the second half of each episode, David answers a parenting question from one of his loyal listeners. He would love to hear from you.
Write to [email protected] with your own parenting conundrum or anything else.


David’s inspiration in life and art is his wife Kaveena, an asylum attorney with the soul and skill of a master chef, and his two adorable children, Szivika and Dayus, who are still figuring out what they are passionate about.