Dziyana Taylor

Dziyana Taylor is a member of Cleveland Civil War Roundtable and Writer’s Group. She is Eastern European and a first-generation immigrant. She also holds a BA in Business from LLC International University.

Being born in Latvia, with a Russian grandmother, Belorussian parents, Spanish, Lithuanian uncles and extended American family, Dziyana has embraced multiple cultures throughout her life. Nothing gives her more joy than learning new traditions, delving into rich family histories and exploring the lost past on either side. Her multilingual background and diverse cultural heritage embody the innovative spirit of GenZ Publishing through the novels, short stories, and poetry that she writes.

She hopes to incorporate her novel in historic Civil War communities, national parks, and heritage areas. The addition of her young adult narrative set in Adams County, the region of southern Pennsylvania surrounding historic Gettysburg, is a great work for shop bookshelves. She is excited to contribute to the promotion of Civil War legacies among these battlefields, historic cities, and communities.