Elisabeth Florence Pedersen is the author of Defined By Me, a conceptual poetry book which explores a woman’s experience with youth, love, death, feminism, sexuality, politics, and so much more. It is a journey of loss and discovery, heartbreak and ecstasy, anxiety and determination. This coming of age poetry collection is from one woman’s experience and reflects many universal experiences and feelings.

Elisabeth was born in Illinois, and grew up Minnesota. Her life in the Midwest inspired her connection to homegrown punk and hip-hop influences. This music and lifestyle inspired a sense of rebellion, freedom, human rights, social justice, and empowerment. Elisabeth began writing at a young age, and has experimented with various forms of writing. In university she focused on academic writing through her studies in English literature in Minnesota, and history in Birmingham, England. After graduation, she spent a year as a live-in volunteer and advocate at homeless shelters in Duluth, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois. During this time, she worked both in print and radio journalism confronting issues such a prison reform, economic segregation, and immigrant rights.

Elisabeth is a proud feminist, therefore she believes in the political economic, and social equality of the sexes. Elisabeth’s inspirations include Molly Crabapple, Jeremy Scahill, Zadie Smith, Dorothy Day, Margaret Atwood, Imogen Binnie, Maya Angelou, and so many more individuals who sacrifice their life and time to social justice, art, and a more equitable and sustainable society.

Elisabeth now lives in Prague, Czech Republic and works as a writer and teacher.

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