Emma Foster

Emma Foster is a 26-year-old dreamer, doer, and mother. She grew up in a small-town in Montana and was thrown into a hard hit of reality when she moved to the city at a young age. Through trials and tribulations, she grew up in a rough way that only made her more determined to keep going. Through her journey, she learned the beauty of second chances, the impact that the people in her circle had on her life, and that joy truly comes from within. In her personal journey, she shows us all that we truly can grow from anything and even the most difficult circumstances ultimately make us who we are.

Emma Foster is the author of the upcoming book, The Lies I Told Myself. We are pleased to announce that The Lies I Told Myself is a Winner in the 2021 IAN Book of the Year Awards!

When judging completed The Lies I Told Myself was selected as a finalist in one category: “True Story/Drama.”