There are so many benefits to writing that there is no reason not to write. If you needed any more motivation to write, these five points will convince you.

  1. You will grow through writing. You learn about yourself and the world just through jotting down your own ideas.
  2. Writing is good for you. Honest! Studies have proven the benefits of writing on your health, from the ability to relax yFDSoER1443539062ou to the spreading of feelings. It does wonders for you.
  3. You can impact someone else who really needs it through your writing. Sometimes just seeing our own thoughts in writing can make a big difference to an individual.
  4. Knowing that you produced something is a great feeling that comes from writing something. Creating content creates pride.
  5. Writing can transform the world. It is the best way to express yourself in a way that will get through to others. Think about works that have impacted you. They were all written by someone who shaped you. You can do the same.

Have you written something that you want to share with the new generation? Submit it here. You never know who you’ll impact!

Happy Writing!




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  2. Davian says:

    You keep it up now, untnesdard? Really good to know.