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How do you get your inspiration?  



Hey Gen Z authors, I'm sure a lot of your readers, and other potential authors are curious, how do you get your inspiration for your writing? Do you find yourself writing 'what you know', or do you stray? 

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I find my inspiration in many ways. I find it in watching, observing and listening to life around me. A certain song can invoke a memory or emotion which becomes a short story, blog or quote. A conversation with someone get's my mind wandering and wondering; an experience I've gone through makes me think about the lessons I learned; yet my greatest inspiration comes from my love for people and for my life. Don't place too much importance on finding your inspiration because it is always within you. Writers block may happen, but when it does, don't beat yourself up. It's simply time you needed to regroup and refresh your mind. 

~Anne Dennish~ 


Learning as much as possible so that what you know is worth reading when you write it - that is my tip on how to find inspiration. Pick a topic that fascinates you and immerse yourself in it, and you will find ideas for fiction and poetry as you research that make you want to write. That's been my experience. 

 - Dylan James Brock, author of "Dry World"