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June 2, 2017
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June 19, 2017

GenZ Publishing’s Top 8 Summer Reading List for 2017  


You’ve heard Morissa Schwartz and L. Austen Johnson’s picks for top reads this summer. Now here are GenZ Intern Kelly’s picks.

  1. A Poet and His Errant Pen

This collection of poetry is perfect for someone looking for an amusing read, but something not too light as it attempts to cover every aspect of life in a comedic and metaphorical way.

  1. Believe What You Breathe

If you can’t get away for vacation this summer, get away with this mystery novel, narrated by a 102-year-old Sudanese nomad, following two intertwining stories of a great-great-great granddaughter and Tom Smith.


  1. An Hour for Magic

“An Hour for Magic” is a great read for the beach. The historical thriller follows a group of magicians who face the paranormal like powerful beasts and a demon, and the novel is sure to keep its readers on the edge of their seats.



  1. Dry World

This book literally is perfect for the summer, but it’s another good read for the beach, if a paranormal thriller isn’t your speed, try this romantic thriller. It delves into love and psychosis and the thin line that divides the two.



  1. Strawberry Hill

This collection of fictional short stories makes a great read for any traveller this summer. Read any of Perry’s short stories about insanity, nostalgia or heartbreak while on the train, in the car or at the airport.



  1. Gospel of Thomas: Revelation

This young-adult romance is a fitting read for over the summer, as it begins at the beginning of the summer, and follows two seniors as they make their way through high school, love, and religion.  


  1. The Bigger Picture

For many of us, summer is about reinventing ourselves before the start of the upcoming year (specifically school year). No better why to inspire yourself than to read Dolan’s The Bigger Picture, which is made up of poetry and introspective prose that attempts to help encourage readers.



  1. Writing for the New Generation

There’s no better time to start writing your novel than over the summer, and the best way to do it is to follow GenZ Publishing’s founder, Morissa Schwartz’s guide to writing for the new generation. Learn where to even start with your writing, fight writer’s block, and even handle publishing with this thorough guide.

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