By McKenzie Beery

The holiday season is a time for tradition, for hot chocolate, peppermint-flavored drinks of all varieties, and all the possible renditions of every Christmas carol known to humanity. But what holiday treats and traditions best stimulate the writing process?

I caught up with two of GenZ’s great authors—Daniel J. Flore III and Allison Stowe—to ask them which holiday traditions help them with their writing process. So, cozy up with your favorite holiday playlist, a warm drink, and get ready to channel your Christmas spirit!

Holiday Cheer

Seasonal Drinks

“There’s nothing like a glass of eggnog to get me to want to write about Christmas” –Daniel J. Flore III

While most of us enjoy our favorite seasonal drinks, Christmas carols, and movies during a five-week period of the year, some people, like Dan Flore, keep these holiday traditions alive even in the off season. Dan Flore, author of Humbled Wise Men Christmas Haikus (released November 12, 2017), shared some of his secrets for getting in the holiday-writing spirit. He admits, “There’s nothing like a glass of eggnog to get me to want to write about Christmas.”

When I asked Allison about her favorite holiday drink, she replied, “hot apple cider…puts me in such a relaxed headspace. Perfect for writing!” The author of Infamous admitted that she was enjoying the yummy beverage at the time of talking with me.

“Hot apple cider puts me in such a relaxed headspace”—Allison Stowe

Whether you are the person who cheers with excitement when she sees the seasonal eggnog in stock at the grocery store, or you enjoy the endless Yuletide possibilities of peppermint flavoring, it’s no secret that certain drinks help get us in the holiday spirit. Even thinking about a holiday spiced flat white gets me thinking about Christmas!



Christmas decorations are one of the first signs of the most wonderful time of the year. Dan told me that “taking long drives to check out Christmas lights” and visiting his mother’s house during the Christmas season serve as “great atmosphere(s) for writing and recording [his] holiday poetry.”

Even in the off-season, Dan goes to “especially Christmasy places (some open all year long) to be immersed in the holiday.” The decorations and atmosphere help him focus his Christmas haikus.



Family and Friends

But the most important part of the holiday season is getting together with friends and family. Allison told me that she had a hard time choosing her favorite holiday tradition, but one of her favorites is getting together with close friends before everyone goes home for Christmas. “We’re all from different countries, so before we head home for the holidays, we get together, and the host will cook something from their home country (this year it was festive Korean!),” Allison shares, “We’ll watch the log fire on TV, listen to Christmas music, play some games, and do Secret Santa. It’s awesome because these girls have become my family in England; they’re incredible.”

Dan also enjoys the community of the holiday season. His poetry is centered on the joys and memories of Christmas with family. Whether he is at home enjoying the holiday with his wife or spending Christmas with extended friends and family, Dan focuses on the Christmas spirit of good company.

So whether it’s a steaming cup of your favorite Christmas libation or singing timeless carols with the people you love, maybe this Christmas season will stir a story in you, too. Merry Christmas, everyone!



Daniel J. Flore III is the author of Humble Wise Men Christmas Haikus (November 12, 2017). Check out his book on Amazon!






Allison Stowe is the author of the YA novel, Infamous (September 19, 2017). You can buy her title on Amazon.

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