Insights from Professionals


Insights From Professionals ( November 3, 2017; Kindle eBook; $9.99) is Antoine Airoldi’s debut book. Inspired by stressed-out college students, Antoine Airoldi focuses on combating fear in order to succeed. Through 10 interviews from successful business leaders, authors, and CEOs, Insights From Professionals provides helpful tips, stories about turning failure into success, and advice on overcoming fears and pursuing your passion. Whether you have a dream of becoming a successful business person, or bringing joy to others through music, Antoine Airoldi has included something for you. Antoine Airoldi is a copywriter, vlogger, and author who helps people surpass their greatest fears. As a storyteller, Antoine uses his words and speech to help others understand that living your passion is essential to self-awareness. Antione uses platforms such as Instagram, blogs, podcasts, and books to help struggling people find their way out of their self-inflicted misery.

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