Jeffrey M. Thompson

The mysterious Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr. was born and brought up on oatmeal in The Rubber City, Akron, Ohio, which also happens to be the setting for his current mystery series starring Duke Bradley, Private Eye.  introductory novel, ‘Thirteen Years of Dust’ offers a fresh look at the world of addiction, alcoholism and murder. It is a reflection of his passion for mysteries and love for Noir films and books.

A father of two young children, a strict vegetarian, and an archeology junkie, Jeff currently resides in The Philippines where he manages a small internet cafe. He dreams of one day seeing the Himalayas and taking a stroll on the Great Wall of China. As a lover and initiated follower of Lord Krishna, he also aspires to spend some time in India visiting temples and all of the ancient holy places throughout the continent.

He didn’t always want to be a writer, in fact the thought had never crossed his mind until one day as a senior in high school, he picked up The Catcher in The Rye and read it cover to cover in one setting.