GenZ Publishing is excited to announce that Lapping Water by Dan J. Flore III will release on February 10, 2017. Lapping Water is a collection of poetry that tugs at readers’ heartstrings as they share in Flore’s struggles and experiences with loss.

You can purchase Lapping Water here.


Lapping Water has been immensely popular; it hit the Amazon Bestseller List when it first became available for pre-order.


New York Times bestselling author, Pamela O’Shaughnessy, wrote in her Triggerfish Literary Review, “…Lapping Water, presents the voice of that quiet, nature-attuned man who observes without judging his own changes and the changes of those closest to him. These are unassuming and personal poems that do not partake of the ironic, subversive, rootless postmodern, but instead look to romanticism, imagism, and even further back, to the timelessness and transparency of such emotive lyrical poets as Po Chu’i and Tao Ch’ien a thousand and more years ago.”



About Dan J. Flore III


Dan J. Flore III is an experienced poet, having already published his When in Roam poetry collecting in Sick Lit Magazine. His other poetry has been published in other magazines and online publications, such as: Eunoia Review, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-zine, Victorian Violet Press, Red Lightbulbs Magazine, Triggerfish Critical Review, Quantum Poetry Magazine and many others.


Dan J. Flore III has also traveled throughout Pennsylvania, reading his poetry and teaching others to write poetry as a way to cope with mental illness. He also keeps up a daily poetry series, The arrows on the clock are pointing at me, which is a very popular series on


About GenZ Publishing


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