M Chapman

M Chapman is a scientist, inventor, and writer of fiction. The underlying theme of M Chapman’s interests is a fascination with ideas and their expression in various forms such as artistic, technological, and even socio-political.

Originally a biochemist by training, he has worked at Sussex (UK) and Edinburgh (UK) Universities in cell and molecular biology. As an inventor, he has worked at Brunel University’s department of Biomechanics developing aids for the elderly and disabled, and in his home workshop developing various robots and devices as part of the Maker/Hackspace cultural phenomena.

As a writer, he has completed numerous stories on themes of humour, horror, speculative fiction, and poetic nonsense, such as the short story Glass Mind and the humorous horror novel ‘Zombies Anonymous’.

Find out more about M Chapman and his writings at his website, complete with free short stories and flash fiction downloads.