Bri Marino is the author of Somewhere Only We Know. 

Ronald MacCloskey is the author of the children’s book, We Don’t Feel Like It. 

Preston Marshall is the author of the dystopian sci-fi series, Lion-Blade Saga.

Scott McGlynn, the author of OUT, is from Cardiff, Wales UK. 

Hazell C. McKenzie is the author of the biography, Suitcase of Dreams. 

Gabrielle McMaster is the author of the upcoming NA novel, Not Always Blu Skyes.

Bethany McTrustery is the author of the personal collection, I Want to Know You

Galanty Miller is the author of the magical realism novel, Believe What Your Breathe. 

Nurse Papa is David Metzger.David has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at UCSF Children’s Hospital for thirteen years now.

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