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July 5, 2020
Contemporary Romance Press Release: All You Hold on to
July 15, 2020

New Romance Book from fan favorite, E.A. Stripling!

Sometimes to find love, you have to leave the city and escape to the country!

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Picturesque, quiet, and isolated, a small-town in Massachusetts seems like the perfect escape for Jennifer Owens. A contemporary, emotionally-charged romance book, Escaping to the Country follows Jennifer as she transitions from city life to the slow lull of a small town. Yet, looks can be deceiving and trouble has a way of catching up to her as hushed whispers float amongst the town upon her arrival. 

Daniel Bradley only complicates things further. Handsome and in-the-closet, Daniel and Jennifer become entangled in a fake relationship. News of their pseudo romance immediately disturbs the quiet peace of their small town. From gossiping high society girls to Charles, Daniel’s playboy brother, Jennifer can not get a second to herself. In this moment of unrest, she knows better than to fall for a “bad boy” like Charles, no matter the temptation. Frustrated, Jennifer scrambles to pick up the pieces and get her life back on track. 

No matter how far she runs, Jennifer finds herself reminded of her past. In small towns, word of mouth is bound to travel fast. When her secret finally slips, who will she turn too? 

Screenwriter, actress, and author E.A. Stripling has always been a hopeless romantic at heart. This enthusiasm has allowed her to take readers on incredible journeys. Her writing features moments of spectacle, laughter, and of course charming, quick-witted men. She is also the author of the feverish romance book series, Internal Conflict, the first novel in the Internal Conflict Series. 

Growing up in a family of entertainers, it’s no surprise that Stripling immediately fell in love with entertainment. Encouraged to pursue artistic opportunities, she became very comfortable with the creative process at a young age. In college, these interests inspired her to study screenwriting, motion picture production, and photography. Alongside those programs she also completed degrees in both criminal justice and crime scene investigation. A passionate woman with a diverse background, Stripling brings a unique touch to her writing. On most days, when she isn’t writing, you can find her sun-basking with her family in Florida. 

This book is available on GenZ Publishing and Amazon

By Tracy Fernandez, 2020

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