The GenZ Authors

Meet the amazing minds behind your favorite works.

Gabrielle McMaster

Gabrielle McMaster is the author of the upcoming NA novel, Not Always Blu Skyes.

David Metzger

Nurse Papa is David Metzger.David has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at UCSF Children’s Hospital for thirteen years now.

Galanty Miller

Galanty Miller is the author of the magical realism novel, Believe What Your Breathe.

Tristan Petersön

Author of the upcoming Vingt series

S. Raju

S. Raju is the author of the investing guide, Crypto Coaching 101.

Destiny Rose

Destiny Rose is the author of the memoir, Darkness to Destiny.

R. Parker Stevens

Author of upcoming Blood Affinity

Esabella Strickland

Esabella Strickland is the author of the children’s fantasy series Orabella the Oracle. The first is Then and There, Here and Where, released March 2021.

Kenechukwu Obi

Kenechukwu Obi is the author of Taste For Change: The Girl, The Snake, and The One Who Returned​.

Elisabeth Pedersen

Elisabeth Pedersen is the author of the poetry book, Defined by Me.

Brad Perry

Brad Perry is the author of short story collection, Strawberry Hill.

K.W. Peery

K.W. Peery, author of Tales of a Receding Hairline, is a prolific songwriter and poet.

Morissa Schwartz

The founder of GenZ Publishing, Morissa Schwartz is the bestselling author of Writing for The New Generation.

Sherri Schwartz

Sherri Schwartz is the author behind the dog journey novel, Are You Love?

E.A Stripling

E.A Stripling is the author of the adult romance series, Internal Conflict.

Courtney Sweeney

Scott McGlynn, the author of OUT, is from Cardiff, Wales UK.

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