Our authors are the incredible voices of and for the new generation.

Anne Dennish

Inspirational Writer

Anne Dennish shared her story of survival in her book My Collective Soul. She uses her experience with divorce, abuse and breast cancer to empower and educate others with the wisdom she has gained over the years. Filled with short stories and essays, her most recent book educates readers on how to live life to the fullest. As with all of her books, including this one, Anne Dennish hopes to push others to use their experiences to make a difference, just as she has. Read More

Joanne Cherefko


Originally a expressionist poet, Joanne Cherefko began writing at a young age after a personal lost. Her most recent collection of poems, A Consecration of the Wind, takes a softer approach on her past demons, shifting her away from the expressionist work that she has done up until now. Each poem descends further into her childhood and ventures through her adulthood, telling stories of emotional growth and enlightenment. Read More

Richard Belford

Richard Belford, author of Its Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later, writes about the experiences he has endured to inspire others. In his recent work, he writes about life, love and loss, through beautifully illustrated artwork, inspiring quotes and parables. Richard Belford ‘s book makes readers value the light of those deceased instead of focusing on their deaths. Having experienced grief himself, he hopes to encourage others to avoid saying goodbye to their loved ones, but to tell them you’ll see them later. Read More

Antoine Airoldi

Inspirational Storyteller

Antoine Airoldi, author of Insights From Professionals, uses his words to encourage others to follow their passions and to not falter because of any mistakes they make along the way.. Read More

Erik Kerhner


Erik Kershner tells a story of finding oneself through journeys and relationships in his recent work Paradise Plain. He grabs readers attention with his easy-to-read prose and relatable characters. Read More

Sédrie Danielle

Talented Writer

Sédrie Danielle, author of Knights of Enmity, has used her knowledge of history and anthropology to write stories that capture the soul. Read More

Nicholas Chimera

Creative Writer

Born June 28th, 2001, Nicholas Chimera has always had an enthusiasm to create. For years he focused his creativity into customizing action figures and models with his brother, Carmelo. Recently, Nick has taken up photography and created a brand called Chimeras Customs to share his art on social media. Read More

George Buccheri

Musician and Writer

George Buccheri, author of Spirals: Quotable Poetry, transforms simple moments into beautiful pieces that all readers can relate to. He delivers pieces on love, growth, and more that will teach readers the true meaning of “every moment counts”. In 2017, he opened a specialty shop called "Open Minded"eatures different types of artwork from local artists in Freehold, New Jersey where he currently resides. Read More

Courtney Sweeney

Inspirational Writer

Courtney Sweeney, author of High Intensity Interval Training & How it Can Help You Fight Diabetes, was inspired by his son to help others. His son, AJ Sweeney, was diagnosed with diabetes and Courtney Sweeney was encouraged to find ways for his son to deal with it. Read More

Fred Bastie

Sports Writer

Fred Bastie seeks to encourage students to take the step to connecting with college recruits by leading them in the right direction with his second book ,Signing Day Starts Here: Becoming a College Athlete. Hoping to help students and parents make the right choices without feeling pressured, Fred Bastie has provided a step by step plan of the recruitment process. Here, he dispels myths, provide recruitment stories, plans out the recruitment process while in high school and so on. Read More

Jake Larsen


Jake Larsen shared his thoughts and emotions in his book Filled to The Brim and Out on a Whim: Short Poems. He uses his unique writing style and creates his version on each piece in the book. He invites readers to fall for his work with each word. Read More