Dan Highcock is a 34 years old Paralympian and nutrition coach from St. Helens, UK. He currently lives in Erfurt, Germany as he plays pro in the Bundesliga for RSB Thuringia Bulls.

He played in Ita10660262_778360958876151_6794601318141066541_nly for one year in Milan and won an Italian super cup, followed by five years in Spain for BSR Valladolid where he won a championship, European cup, and an all-star team place. He also played in the UK for four teams and won many titles and cups. He placed fourth at the London 2012 Paralympics.

Dan is an online training and nutrition coach specializing in building metabolism and fat loss. He loves music and spent many years DJing in the big house clubs in the north west of England, which he stopped doing when he started playing ball in Spain.

He also loves eating, training, reading and relaxing. He practices gratitude, meditation, and the law of attraction daily. Dan has been happily married for nearly two years now.

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