E.A Stripling is a screenwriter, aspiring actress, and author of the sinfully hot romance, Internal Conflict, part of the Internal Conflict Series. She was born in New York City, but is now soaking up the sun in Florida with her family.

PhotoGrid_1462305877825Raised in an entertainment background with a former model mother and dancer father, she knew she was born to entertain. In college, she studied screenwriting, motion picture production, and photography, while also completing degrees in criminal justice and crime scene investigation.

E.A Stripling is a very passionate woman and an incurable romantic who loves to create stories that allow her readers to take a break from the world around them and indulge in a world of awe-filled moments and devilishly handsome men.

In addition to writing novels, E.A Stripling writes a blog under the name My2centsblogger. The blog gives her “2 cents” in hopes to save yours on products, and also features interviews, recipes, and diary type entries from the author.

You can follow E.A Stripling via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can contact her at [email protected] and on her blog at https://my2centsblogger-my2centsblogger.com/