Prolific Americana songwriter and poet, K.W. Peery, author of Tales of a Receding Hairline, writes about his personal life experiences. As he grapples with morality and mortality, the unvarnished truth is breathtakingly obvious. His unapologetic vulnerability is neatly embedded within each work. He has an innate ability to dig up his past and offer it20151229_174512~2_resized to the reader as if they were sitting across the table having a conversation with him.

Peery is best known as a founding member of the Marshall/Peery Project. This collaboration produced four critically acclaimed studio albums from 2005 to present. The Marshall/Peery Project frequently appear on the Roots Music Report and Americana Charts. Their songs are in regular rotation in the United States, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Norway, France, Ireland, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.





Peery is also credited as a lyricist and producer for more than a dozen studio albums over the past decade.

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You can follow K.W. on Twitter @KWPeery.