IMG_1408.JPGPam Canington is a Jacksonville, Florida native (go Jaguars!) married to a career Navy man (now retired).  After a military transfer 12 years ago to the Chicagoland area, they now call Illinois home.  They have two grown children deep in studies (a soon-to-be PhD and a soon-to-be Army officer).  Pam has been a legal secretary for 28 years and takes the Metra train from suburban Algonquin to downtown Chicago where her favorite attorney boss is located.  Part of her enthusiasm for writing stems from typing lengthy court pleadings every day.  Pam has written travelogues for almost every vacation or trip she’s been on, whether with family or just friends.  Not only does it give her pleasure to share her experiences with others, but it helps remind her of places and activities she tends to forget about.  Pam’s favorite activities are reading, listening to music, and playing games on her iPhone.