12998146_10208882713808415_250448840093872440_o-1Roderick Galloway is the author of The Select. His first published work was a first-grade story about edible crayons, published in the local newspaper by a family friend. Ever since, he has dabbled in writing poetry, music, fiction, and non-fiction.

Music is important to Roderick, because he believes it is the universal language, and he uses it as a form of meditation. Family is also important to Roderick, including his chosen family. His friends are his greatest alliance, though most are very different from him, because they keep him open-minded and thinking on his toes. Roderick believes our differences are the most beautiful thing about us, and our resistance to accept each other is our most unappealing attribution.

Roderick also enjoys parkour, dancing, cooking, TV, photo editing, website building, volunteering, biking, and rollerblading. He picked up parkour in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He loves the adrenaline rush that comes with using his entire body and getting to run.
His favorite quote is “I’ve been up three days, Adderall and Red Bull,” from JoJo’s cover of Drake’s song, “Marvin’s Room”.