A story about the challenge of clinging to your past while trying to embrace your future.

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Aberdeen, NJ, July 15, 2020
– K.T. Egan brings us a beautiful new contemporary romance this summer. All You Hold on to will be hitting the shelves courtesy of GenZ Publishing on July 21st. Egan’s intricate storytelling has readers follow Roxanne Wortham, an aspiring author in Las Vegas. She spends her days at her nine-to-five job and comes home to her boyfriend, Ethan. Life is simple, until she gets a call saying that her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, Maverick, has been in a near-fatal car crash. She rushes to Maverick’s side in Pennsylvania, and while helping him, memories of her youth resurface. Roxanne must sort through complicated feelings of her past alongside the realization that Maverick may still have feelings for her— and even worse, she may still have feelings for him, too.

K.T. is the author of the Anderson Creek series and several short stories and poems published in journals out of Northeast Pennsylvania. When not writing the latest contemporary romance, she works with students and their families at a tutoring firm in Bethesda, Maryland, helping them prepare for secondary education and beyond. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and History, with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, focusing on Writing and Anthropology from Wilkes University. Her writing often centers around women, small towns, and the struggles of everyday life.

She resides in Maryland alongside Alec and their cat overlord, Winnie. She loves to bake, knit, binge Netflix, and go on the occasional video game marathon. For more information on the Anderson Creek kids, you can check out her Facebook page! 

All You Hold on to will be available on Kindle and Amazon.

By Jack Oliver, 2020

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