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An Hour for Maggie (An Hour for Magic #3)


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By Justin Fulkerson

Nine months after a prophecy is set in motion and everyone save the magicians of the land have vanished, new evils lurk on the horizon, and two women prepare to give birth.

Shelly and Maggie have taken refuge at Lake Granby in Colorado awaiting the birth of Shelly’ s child. Winston, a serial killer with a macabre talent, obeys orders from the Beast and heads to Colorado to take Shelly’s baby. Jackson, trapped within the same body as the Beast, is forced to lay dormant until he can warn Shelly of the plans he sees unfolding.

Rusty struggles with his allegiance to his father, Mister Hollow, or to Blair, the woman carrying the Beast’s offspring. The tension escalates as a final confrontation between Mister Hollow and The Beast becomes eminent. Nothing will prepare them for the wrath of Maggie, who may just be the biggest threat to them both.

AN HOUR FOR MAGGIE, the third chapter in the AN HOUR FOR MAGIC saga, brings a startling conclusion to the twisted events set in motion by Mister Hollow and revelations into his true origin.

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