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Bloodline: Murmurs of Earth


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Two wolves fight in each of us…

200 years from now, the world is it at its end, caught in the grip of an ice age. A great Ring of Ice advances upon all living things that remain. It is a world trying to manage its own contraction.

In Alba, on the Western Seaboard of the country once known as Scotland, the last vestiges of human civilization has fallen into a medieval way of life. There is no electricity, not even paper. For the last men, history has turned to memories, and memories are fading. While wolves enjoy a resurgence in number, and wild places come back to life, only two fortresses of men remain in this grim setting. The rival leaders of these two last Houses, the elf-like Christopher Ulysses, who possesses a weapon of unfathomable power, and the bear-like Ogilvie Skye, the leader of an enormous army, are brothers at war.

Whoever survives this final war between men, inherits the frozen Earth. But can life go on, after the end of the world?

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