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The Color of the Elephant
December 21, 2021
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July 11, 2022
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Even descendants of Gods have to prove that they are worthy of living amongst their kin.

Over the centuries the Gods have had sovereignty in their dalliances with mortals, but in order to keep their own world prosperous, all their descendants must be returned to them in the Godlands. Even so…not all children born of deities are compatible with the divinity of their predecessors.

To sort the seraphic from the mundane, the descendants must face three harrowing Trials, where the only safeguard they have is a salve made from a goddess’s tears and the sparse possibility of divine genealogy. The reward: a life lived in ethereal splendour. The risk: death.

However, when Mila is returned to the Godlands, the Trials are the least of her worries.

An Olympian God is missing, a dark being awaits her return, and an aeons old prophecy is remembered. And as soon as Mila enters her home, all three emerge from the shadows.

Are the Threads of Fate working in Mila’s favour, or will they unravel altogether?

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