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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later


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An Inspirational Book about Life, Love and Loss Richard Lawrence Belford is an inspirational writer whose twenty-year creative journey has not only allowed him to become well-published but has also been fueled by his genuine desire to provide faith, comfort and hope to those in grief. His inspiring parables have been published in dozens of inspirational journals, magazines, periodicals and on numerous websites.

A parable by definition is a symbolic short story that illustrates or teaches some truth, religious principle or moral lesson. Richard trusts this book’s beautifully illustrated artwork, inspiring quotes and its collection of his inspirational parables, along with the stories behind their creation will help bring some small measure of solace to those grieving the loss of someone dear to their heart.

Although “It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later” is about loss, it’s also about the lives, and the love shared by family & friends. As just one of billions of people who have lived, loved and experienced loss Richard strongly encourages you to read this book. He truly believes it will inspire you to always try and say, “I’ll see you later, instead of goodbye.”

Richard has dedicated the book to the memory of his father and written its forward as a tribute to him. He hopes it makes him proud.

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