One decision changed my life….for good health!

The day that I decided to change my life and lose weight, I had no idea how much it would CHANGE my world.

My world was turned upside down. I stood in the department store crying. I had no idea how to dress after losing 90 pounds. I started to hear from doctors that I am in great health, and that my weight is right for my height. I waited decades to hear those words. All of a sudden, people were saying to me that they could tell that I exericse. My clothing size went from plus size to single digits. My new healthy world has brought me confidence, and courage. I do things now that I would not have done before. It’s not about just losing the weight for me, it’s about the health that I have gained, that is important to me now.


I do not have a magic wand. I worked very hard to lose the weight, but I work harder to keep it off. I enjoy eating. I just look at food differently now. Is a piece of cake worth it? It’s a personal decision that only you can make. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not worth it. I have learned to make those personal decisions.


SHERRI SCHWARTZ, this is her fourth published book. You feel her passion as you embrace her journey and motivation that changed her life. She is an Interior Decorator who owns a couple of flooring stores with her husband, Leon. She is also an award winning gluten free baker, a competive crafter, and a passionate gardner. Sherri lives in New Jersey with her husband Leon, and her Yorkie/Maltese Bernie, near her daughter, Dr. Morissa Schwartz, and her Yorkie/Poodle Mo.