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December 4, 2019
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Marital Law cover: the title in orange set in a dark tree with a spear through it

Marital Law


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My name is Sidnie Rashellus, daughter of Sonia Rashellus. On my sixteenth birthday, I will marry the man handpicked by my mother to be my mate. I will do whatever it takes to keep him, to protect what is mine. Marcella Olivia Munford (MOM) the supreme ruler, our savior, created all of Providence, the new world order. We have sworn to follow her Munford Laws, no matter the cost. Marital Law states that a marriage can be challenged in the arena twice during the lifetime of the union. If defeated in battle, one has to surrender her husband to the victor. Such a loss would be insurmountable, often leading to ostracism or even banishment. I had only been married one year when I received a challenge letter, that terrible invitation calling me to the arena. I opened it with trembling hands and a heavy heart; my life would never be the same. Betrayal, heartbreak, and a terrible sadness enveloped me. Still, I will protect what is mine. I will stand and fight to the death.

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