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Nurse Papa


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In 16 thoughtful meditations, pediatric nurse and father David connects the often befuddling and grueling task of parenting young, healthy kids with the reality of nursing sick children.

Just as his experiences navigating the numerous pitfalls and comic blunders of early parenthood have informed his practice as a pediatric oncology nurse, his work as a caregiver to sick children has likewise informed his role as a father. The result is a moving, sometimes hysterical, often sad, but always honest look at what it means to be a caregiver.

A unique perspective on the ins-and-outs of working in the medical field, Nurse Papa is not just a book for parents but for anyone who ponders life’s big questions.

From Robert E. Goldsby, MD, Pediatric Cancer Specialist and Director of the UCSF Survivors of Childhood Cancer Program:

Nurse Papa is a powerful meditation upon life, love, and loss. It exposes the many emotional consequences of being a parent or a medical caregiver of children. The eloquent meditations offered in this book provide a much needed perspective on what is truly important. For parents, it puts forward a path to encounter life challenges which are both mundane and life-altering. It reveals the profound need we all have for balance and self-reflection. This book reminds us that it is in our nature to care for each other and to appreciate every single moment given to us. Nurse Papa is a unique and heartening reading experience.

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