March 2, 2021
ABS #1: Another Beast’s Skin
March 2, 2021
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Sea and Flame


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When one door opens, another closes.

Seraphina grew up listening to the stories she’d heard of the Brethren, those who saved the world from the faerie magic that had almost ripped the land apart a thousand years ago. They were just a story told to children, though, or so Seraphina thought. When her own magic starts to backfire on her, she must take a closer look at her family tree and the Brethren in it.

Her newfound abilities draw the attention of Casmyn, a fae that swears he’s desperately been searching for someone like her—someone whose blood can open the path to the Land of Faerie and stop the fae lord Nilas from ruining their world.

And though the fate of two lands rests on her shoulders, Seraphina can’t help but be distracted by Casmyn’s infuriating and beautiful best friend Shevard.




  • Top 50 in YA Fantasy during pre-order – Amazon US
  • Top 30 in YA LGBTQ+ books – Amazon US
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