The Jena Cycle 1: Queen of All
March 2, 2021
The Facts and Legends of Callie Catwell Cover
The Facts and Legends of Callie Catwell
March 2, 2021
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Twist in the Wind


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Siobhan Murphy: Pathetic Thief. She’s held the title for the past year among the Irish Garda. With a name like that, she should at least be able to steal a little happiness for herself, but Siobhan’s life in Ireland couldn’t be any more miserable.

One chance to get rid of her life in Ireland and pursue the American Dream falls into her lap — an internship in Los Angeles, California. When the priest at Siobhan’s school pushes her towards the opportunity, Siobhan doesn’t know which is worse: leaving behind her family in Ireland or going to a country that thrives off confident people. But following her dreams of freedom and happiness means hurting the people she cares most about. How much do you sacrifice for your American Dream?

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