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We Don’t Feel Like It


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We Don’t Feel Like It is the story of twins Mickey and Beady. The energetic seven-year-olds wake up one day and decide that they don’t want to go to school. Why? Because they don’t feel like it, of course! Mickey and Beady soon get more than they bargained for as their mom shows them what it means to shirk responsibilities. A funny, entertaining picture-book for young readers that shows the importance of being responsible.



This is a charming story that children of all ages will love. Readers will identify with the twins that decide they don’t want to go to school. They quickly learn that there are consequences when you shirk responsibilities. Illustrations are adorable and deliver a message with a powerful punch.
Cindi Hall
State University College at Oneonta

This sweet story with endearing characters will appeal to young school-aged children, parents, grandparents, and teachers alike. It delivers a positive and powerful message.

Bonnie Hollis
Educator BS in Elementary Education, Teacher Private School & tutoring students in reading.

We Don’t Feel Like It by Ron MacCloskey was a neat little story! The story is written in very straightforward, easy to understand language and got straight to the heart of the matter. I think that the story is well suited to young children; parents may be very grateful that their kids might learn something from it.
Anne-Marie Reynolds
Readers Favorite Reviews

A charming story with a meaningful message! The examples of truth and responsibility inspire positive values during a very enjoyable reading experience.

Dr Cindi Fiucci 
Director, Adjunct Early Childhood Professor, Albright Collect & Penn State

In his new book “We Don’t Feel Like It”, Author, Entertainer, Historian, and Philosopher par extraordinaire, the inimitable RonMacCloskey, hits it “out of the park once again” with this unique and enjoyable parable about the importance of learning personal responsibility, self-discipline, and the importance of performing life’s required tasks day-in and day-out, whether a student or an adult, whether one “Feels like it or not” and the consequences of “not”!!!
William Dobrow – AAMS
Financial Adviser, Foreign Language Teacher, & Great Book Connoisseur
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