Quinton Farrow is the author of the upcoming poetry book: Caspian Turn. Quinton is from Tasmania, Australia and works in business development, contract management and professional writing. A keen reader and film fanatic , Quinton cites his major influences as Bret Easton Ellis, Ben Lerner, Allen Ginsberg, Hubert Selby Jnr and none other than Quentin Tarantino.

Initially honing his writing craft as a poet, Quinton is expanding his writing into short stories and is working on a debut novel. Quinton has a unique style, melding narrative and dark themes with unconventional language and structure. Quinton’s debut poetry book: Caspian Turn breaks ground, as an interpretive dark love story with themes of parenthood, addiction, war, abandonment, shame and embarrassment wrapped in the World War I concept of White Feather Treatment.

Quinton also publishes poems, flash fiction and short stories on his website www.eratopoetry.com

While Quinton is not reading, writing and absorbing film, he enjoys spending time with family, cycling, running, football, surfing and music.



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