Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

Here are the top 7 resolutions that writers should have to shape up, improve their writing, and become bestsellers.

It’s the new year (Year of the Dog for those interested in the Chinese Zodiac), and it’s time to put new habits into shape. As a writer, you always want to see yourself grow. Going into the new year, there is always something you probably wish you did last year but kept putting off. Now is definitely the time to tell ourselves what can we do better this year, especially in regards to writing. Well, here are some resolutions to think over.

Resolution 1: Make more writing time

One of the main things we all say to ourselves is “I don’t a have enough time.” Everyone has things going in their life (some more than others), and it can be hard to sit down and take a breather. But, to be a better writer, you must shape up and put in the effort. Always set a writing time for yourself. Even if you can only write for 5 minutes a day. Those minutes are valuable. The more you write, the more you improve.

Resolution 2:  Try something new

We all have our own niche when it comes to what we write. Personally I like to write in the genres of supernatural or crime. But it is always good to step outside the box of your comfort zone. It can only make you a better writer in the long run. Write a romance story if it’s not your type of thing. Write in a first-person point of view instead of third. The possibilities are endless.

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Get inspired and try different new writing ideas to enhance your creativity.

Resolution 3: Build a network with other writers

There are always like-minded creative individuals out there. Don’t be afraid to befriend another writer. The majority of the time, they want to help you be a better writer (and vice versa). Find writing groups. Put yourself out there. One day the connection between writers will pay off. Supporting your fellow writers go a long way, and who knows? Maybe you’ll make friends with a whole bunch of best sellers who can then review your book.


Resolution 4: Participate in NaNoWriMo

On that note, join writing contests like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). NaNoWriMo  is something that happens every November each year. It’s where writers write nonstop for the whole month to try and reach a desired word count goal by the end of the month. It is something that I feel every writer should try once, even if they fall short. The experience invaluable and can get the creative juices flowing, and writers form solidarity from the experience.

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Mark this as your year resolution: put an end to procrastination and challenge yourself to create more.


Resolution 5: Read more to improve

You probably heard numerous times, “read in your genre.” While that is true, you can still read a variety of genres and learn something. Through reading, you learn different styles, trends, and voices through the publishing business. Learn what works and also what doesn’t to analyze your own writing. If you liked a book, review it, add it to your shelves on Goodreads, be a good reader. Your readers may want to see the sort of books you enjoy, and becoming a part of the book-lover community can help you make friends and gain fans.

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Expand your reading list to improve your writing and artistic exposure.

Resolution 6: Set goals

Set writing goals for yourself. Goals can help you get motivated and also give you a measuring scale of what you need to work on to become the best seller author you want to be. You may want to write a certain amount of pages. You may want to read a particular book. Goals are essential as a writer because it helps to keep you on track.

<img src="success.jpg" alt="Success go get it written in classroom blackboard">

Set your writer goals, track them, and measure your successes on your journey to becoming a bestseller

Resolution 7: Be confident in your writing

It is always too easy to say “my writing sucks,” because we don’t always have confidence in our words. Writing is what you put out there, and your story your ideas come from you. If your first draft isn’t what you pictured in your head (whose is?), try again. Your ideas are valuable. Your stories mean something. Don’t be afraid of your writing. Believe in your potential to become a bestseller author. Don’t depreciate it either. Stay confident.

With these resolutions, I hope all writers out there can have a wonderful year.  For more writing advice and tips on how to improve your writing, join GenZ Publishing on our Patreon, where we  feature a different one of our authors each month.


Aaryn Smith is a happy nerd who loves comics, books, and food along with a nice day of napping. She’s currently working on her Bachelors in Creative Writing and hopes to shine one of these days. 

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