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November 13, 2020
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November 16, 2020

Romantic Fantasy for The New Adult: Press Release

The New Adults Take on Romantic Fantasy

“Every heart can be broken. Every wish has a cost. Every choice has a consequence.”


A Love Across Time cover: a castle with a wintery image and a pocket watchAberdeen, NJ, November 16th, 2020 – Author Genevieve Jane’s novel, A Love Across Time, is an exciting adventure into a fairytale world of curses, romance, and immortality. Every old tale features the balance of good and evil between the noble hero and the dastardly villain, fated to always being with a Once Upon a Time. Placed in 19th century Germany, Jacob has never felt that he belonged, his days filled with writing with no time for love. When he is able to take his current life no more, he flees, only to meet a stunning young woman. One wrong decision changes his fate forever. Years later, in the heart of Toronto, Canada, a woman named Kathryn enjoys her life in our present-day world. She’s content but finds herself constantly longing to find more out of existence. When she is thrown into a tale as old as time, however, Kathyrn falls in love with a cursed man and learns that every heart can be broken. Every wish has a cost. Every choice has a consequence.

Jane’s writing paints a vivid picture that captures both her reader’s attention and hearts with her eloquent, touching themes, and poignant symbolism. What will happen when two ordinary people’s paths cross as their lives are transformed into a fantastical battle between good and evil? 

A Love Across Time, available in paperback and in eBook format, is available for purchase on Amazon and where books are sold.

Genevieve Jane grew up reading in a home full of books. Carrying that forward into her own family, she lives with her husband, daughter, and a clan of animals in Southern Ontario, Canada in a home with many books. Her natural habitat is outside hiking and playing with her family. A Love Across Time is her debut novel.

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