One team stands divided as they fight to save humanity.

science fiction Science Fiction author Preston Marshall returns with the fourth installment of the captivating Lion-Blade Saga, The Waking. Marshall’s riveting imagination takes readers through Lumar’s dangerous tale, whose decisions will either save or doom humanity. As the Sarsaul continue to spread their carnage around the world, Lumar, Ford, Wallace, and Jesse face a deadly mission in New Mexico. Meanwhile, Radcliff, Garen, and Flannigan operate below Border and battle their own demons. New friendships are forged, old relationships are tested, and secrets emerge as these comrades face one obstacle after another. Lumar must make a devastating decision as the Sarsaul grow stronger. Will this team finally defeat the Sarsaul, and will they ever reunite?

Preston Marshall is the author of When Darkness Reigns, Remembrance, and Regicide, the first three books of the Lion-Blade Saga. Oklahoma born and raised, he still lives in Oklahoma City alongside his wife and Fane, their Shih Tzu who runs the show. They enjoy a life rich in nerdom between comic books, films, and shows, including popular fantasies like Doctor Who and SyFy fiction author

Av avid gamer, he loves video games and is always on the lookout for a new release. He’s also a fan of tabletop games, otherwise known as board games, keeping a supply of them in his trunk for quick reach when out with family and friends. Between work and writing, he spends time at his local game shop, where he plays the miniature wargame Warhammer 40k.

Despite routine Oklahoma tornadoes and earthquakes, Preston manages to balance life as a fantasy enthusiast and author. He earned a bachelor’s in English Literature from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma in 2013, and had his work published in the 2012 and 2013 issues of Originals, the university’s literary magazine.


The Waking will be available on Kindle and Amazon on August 27th, 2020.

By Madeline Ip, 2020

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