A fresh, new Science Fiction take on a classic Arthurian legend


Aberdeen, NJ, November 13th, 2020 – Zenith Publishing is proud to announce the newest Science Fiction to hit the shelves in 2020, Rise of Knight and Sword by Miriam Wade. This YA novel delivers an imaginative, steampunk twist on a classic Arthurian Legend in Wade’s riveting debut into the literary realm. Rise of Knight and Sword is the first installment in The One Sword Saga.

This original tale explores the mythos of the Arthurian legend in a new, steampunk setting. Guinevere is merely an archivist who works in the central library of Avalon, city of kings, whose life is a series of quiet routines. When she discovers an ancient map to the mythical sword known as Excalibur, however, it becomes apparent that she must leave her mundane life behind to help rid the corrupted kingdom of the selfish and power-hungry. Yet she can’t do it alone. She must form new alliances with the least likely of heroes and use her book smarts to claim victory for her noble cause. Rise of Knight and Sword tackles the struggle of good versus evil, ethics versus lawfulness, and reputation against reward.


My jaw was wide open, and my excitement increased with pleasure as I kept reading each page…Our teen book club will be in frenzy for this book.” – Librarian, Meghan S.
“Wade’s debut novel is definitely a refreshing take on an old-literary favorite.” – K.T. Egan, Author of All You Hold On To

Rise of Knight and Sword will be available on Kindle and Amazon on November 17, 2020.

Miriam Wade loves to focus her novels on strong women, plots that keep readers on their toes, and the sweet taste of romance. Currently living in Kansas City, she loves coffee and taking a ride on her motorcycle! She’s also quite the home renovator, which she works on alongside her husband and their two cats. Her preferred genre is fantasy, specifically for young adults. Rise of Knight and Sword is Miriam’s debut novel.

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