photogrid_1467866507149You know how we here at GenZ Publishing say we are one big family? Well, that is the truth, and the proof is in the many books we publish with our authors. This week alone, two authors, E.A. Stripling and Preston Marshall, signed their agreements for sequels for their books (That’s right, folks, there will be more ‘Internal Conflict’ and ‘When Darkness Reigns’ coming to you soon!)

justin_fulkersonAdditionally, we are currently finishing up working on the sequel to Justin Fulkerson’s “An Hour for Magic,” called “Hollow Be Thy Name,” (see cover to the left) which is entering its proofing stages.

Also coming out with sequels in the new year will be R.J. Rogue, with a follow-up to ‘Evanescence’ (which is also getting a new revamped cover) and KJ Cartmell with a sequel to his book, ‘The Book of Thomas: Revelation’ (which hasn’t even been released yet).

You will also see a new story collection from Cameron Grace next year AND a third poetry/lyric collection from K.W. Peery!

All these are in addition to numerous new books we are working on with new authors. We love working on all these books with our lovely family of authors and are glad you enjoy reading them.

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