Ghosts and monsters? That’s what spooky season is about! Check out these spooky books to get you in the Spirit


Sometimes a Soldier Comes Home by Jessica Ciosek (2021)

In Sometimes a Soldier Comes Home, Eleanor Mitchell must face navigating war time with her children and sisters as her husband, Roger, is drafted into the Second World War. However, Eleanor finds it hard to stay strong. Sometimes being strong isn’t enough to save a family, even when the paranormal steps in.


Second Nature by Amber Boudreau (2022)

Second Nature tells the story of Mavis Corvid, a girl who cannot remember where she came from or who she is. What she does know is that she is not a werewolf, but she is definitely something else if shifting after being pushed off a balcony means anything. As a fight brews between two alphas on the first anniversary of werewolves revealing themselves to the world, Mavis also knows that she must harness her forgotten abilities to try and discovere what happened to Aldwulf, the alpha of all alphas before the fighting goes too far. 


The Blackwater Phenomenon by Chad Nelson (2017)

When the great-grandson of Fredick Fletchman finds a message from his late great-grandfather that no one else in his family has in The Blackwater Phenomenon, he discovers just what made his family famous. He also discovers just what happens when you don’t finish what you started, and how evils have a way of catching up to those looking to rid the world of them.


The Space Between Two Deaths by Jamie Yourdon (2021)

The Space Between Two Deaths takes place in ancient Sumeria, where the borders of living and dead are thin. Ziz, her mother Meshara, and her father Temen are split when a crevasse wrenches the earth apart mysteriously. While Ziz and Meshara are forced to flee their farm and face a cruel world, Temen becomes obsessed with going to the Netherworld to see the spirit of his dead father to find answers to the mystery of the crevasse, and finds that, sometimes, ancestors don’t always have the answers.


The Smoke in His Eyes by Shane Wilson (2018)

After his best friend and musical partner Lila signs a record deal without him in The Smoke in His Eyes, musical prodigy TJ feels left behind to the hallucinations that have haunted him for years. However, when he meets fellow musical artist Muna, she helps him to manage his vision and turn them into music, despite the fact that TJ can only see Musa as a being of smoke. As Musa starts to disappear, TJ must delve into her past and into what drives his inspiration.

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