By L. Austen Johnson

Every active bibliophile knows that summer brings beach reads and travel tomes, stories to get lost in for a week, a day, or an afternoon. So grab your sunglasses and suitcases and don’t forget to pack a book (or three). Here are some great titles from GenZ Publishing you should check out this summer!

What should you read this Summer? I got you covered!


A Poet and His Errant Pen  by Adrian DeBarros

Do you like humor? Do you like poetry? (If you answered no to both, then are you human?) (If you answered yes, read on) This collection is for you! It uses comedic and metaphoric writing to stich together a story of Adrian DeBarros’ life. It’s a story of viewing nature indoors with your head out the window. About growing up and changing perspectives. Readers will see the power and whimsicality of this poet and his errant pen.

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Believe What You Breathe  by Galanty Miller

Believe What You Breathe is another poignant and, at times, comedic story. It’s narrated by Hassan Kone, a 102-year-old Sudanese nomad, living near the Red Sea, and tells two intertwining stories: the story of his great-great-great granddaughter Lala and the story of Tom Smith. For fans of stories like To Kill a Mockingbird with ambient settings and child saviors. Watch as magical Lala turns the tragedies of her past into her strength.

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Celtic Cowhunter  by W. Bradley Phares

This is a heartfelt memoir by Phares, who is an 8th generation American rancher. He redefines the rancher experience, channeling the stories of his family, land, and history into his art and writing. Phares is a rancher, artist, poet, writer, and attorney, and he brings these different perspectives to Celtic Cowhunter to portray a slice of contemporary ranching life.

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 Doodles by Dee  by Dee Doodling

In case you haven’t heard yet, adult coloring books are in! And author Sara “Dee” Diaz adds her cute, original art to the group, showing that coloring really is for everyone. You’ll enjoy this book for its quirky images, zentangle flair, and compact size, which makes it a perfect companion for traveling.

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The Mills’ Tome of Tales: A Grimm Revival  by Carl Mills

Inspired by the Grimm Fairy Tales, this original collection from Carl Mills attempts to depict the color of living in its forty-nine short stories. This format makes it perfect for anyone who just wants to read a little bit before bed but doesn’t want to get sucked into a novel. It’s a quirky bit of writing that shows the reader the price of poor decisions, and each story acts as its own cautionary tale.

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Dry World  by Dylan Brock

Dylan James Brock’s Dry World is about how close love can be to a psychosis. It’s not your typical romantic drama, however, as the narration is told by a split mind (think M. Night Shymalan’s 2016 Split). In this book, two love stories are portrayed simultaneously. The result is an impactful bildungsroman about mental illness, love, and personal growth.

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Revelation (The Gospel of Thomas #1) by K.J. Cartnell

What happens when a devout believer and a hardcore skeptic fall in love? In Revelation, two teens strike up a conversation in an airport lobby: Thomas, a shy budding photographer, and Adeline, the beautiful daughter of the town pastor. Adeline’s highly-scripted life is suddenly upended, as she and Thomas come to terms with their faith and their love. For fans of Jennifer E. Smith’s The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and Gayle Forman’s Just One Day.  

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L. Austen Johnson is a university student, studying English, Archaeology, and Astronomy. She’s an avid reader, a sometimes writer, and an attempter of various art projects. When’s she’s not in class, you can find her searching for animals to pet, singing off-key in the shower, and learning the art of making tea. Find her at Instagram @lojoismyrappername or her Goodreads.

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