Sequel to the supernatural fan favorite, Lycan’s Blood Queen, Catherine Edward’s new book promises to keep readers hooked from start to finish!

The Hybrid Queen 

Mia finds herself caught in the supernatural world, tossed in the midst of a centuries-old war with a thousand-year-old Vampire King, who’s determined to capture her heart. While their attraction is undeniable, Mia has already been mated to the Lycan King, a possessive lover with an uncontrollable beast.
When her own magic is unlocked, the realm fears that Mia will bring about a foretold darkness. A mate’s blood can bind her, but only love can save her.

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Supernatural fans review Lycan’s Blood Queen:

Nick Lopez: 5 Stars
Verified Purchase 

I had a strong feeling that when I first heard of this book that I’d love it and it didn’t disappoint. Catherine Edward did a fantastic job with Lycan’s Blood Queen.

Mia is a headstrong character who has alot to adjust to as the storyline progresses. Was surprised at a few of her development’s in the book which was very good.

Aaron is also a headstrong character that has to do what most think is unthinkable, unreasonable, and so on, he had to find a way to get the pack he lead’s to accept his mate who belongs to the race of their mortal enemy. But there’s more to it then that, and more to her.
And of course throughout the storyline there is a she-wolf who has her own agenda and will go to extreme measures to achieve it.

I look forward to the next book and plan to buy it as soon as I can, which may not be right when it’s released.
Due to the content’s of this book I don’t recommend it for children.


Jennifer Zamboni: 5 Stars 
Verified Purchase

Lycan’s Blood Queen is a fast paced fun read. This PNR has it all: action, romance, mystery, drama!

I enjoyed following main character, Mia, as she slowly uncovers her true nature. She is both strong and compassionate, two qualities that need to go together more often in female leads (it seems they are most often one or the other).

The romance had a slow build up through the first half, then blossomed through the second. It was nice seeing the couple being what the other needed.

The over all feel of the story is very much like the Underworld movie series, but with better character development.

I can’t wait to read the sequel!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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